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And now for something really different.......

Our latest shipment from India has arrived and it is like nothing we've had before!

This steam punk inspired bespoke collection is full of unique statement piece's with that "wow factor"

Industrial style lighting and furniture, edgy decor accessories and the COOLEST collection of home bar set-ups that are sure to impress during your next gathering.

We are so proud of this new collection because at Garston Stables, we believe that your home should be a reflection of your personality. That's why our collections are carefully curated to offer furniture and decor options that are completely different from the mainstream. Embrace your individuality and decorate your space in a way that speaks to you.

Uniqueness, Redefined.


In other news...

We have managed to secure several peices of decor created from 20 million year old petrified wood !

Three side tables made from petrified tree stumps, and platters made from slabs of ancient petrified wood.

These platters are visually stunning, with natural blue vein running through them- theyre sure to be a talking point!

Looking for a hallway runner? These three beautiful hand loomed wool runners have just arrived. At approx 800 x 3400 they are a hard-to-find length in New Zealand and will surely be snapped up soon.

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Awesome! as usual you guys, great to see

Steve & Cathy Mango Interiors Petone

Gefällt mir
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